The Void Entertainment

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Old, Current, and Future projects are displayed here. If you like any of them please visit our youtube and facebook pages, and like and subscribe. Tell your friends!
In development.

Eclipse Of War (MMOFPS)
First Person
E.O.W. Takes place during WW3, it is still undecided if there will be a storyline. The game is in early stages of development.

Features include; MMOFPS, Parkour, Martial Arts, Unique strategy, Military Unitys, Allys/enemys, Unique modes, and realalistic war.
Not yet in development.

The Epidemic (MMORPG) Third Person
The Epidemic takes place in an ancient world filled with magic and powerful warriors and races, fighting for power and glory.

Features include; MMORPG, Advanced Combat, Unique strategy, Unitys, Factions, and realalistic War.
Not yet in development.

The Rennaisance (MMO Strategy) Third Person Overview
The Rennaisance takes place in a universe and covers from before time all the way into the future.

Features include; Singleplayer, MMO, Advanced strategy, Allys/Enemys, and Realalistc War.